About Us

PeerRealty is the premier real estate crowdfunding platform. At PeerRealty we believe that no investment portfolio can be truly diversified without a real estate component, and we are proud to offer an efficient means to gain that diversification.

With our streamlined, online portal, PeerRealty offers a marketplace where investors can participate in high-quality real estate deals with the nation’s most reputable developers, deals that have been historically difficult to access.

At PeerRealty, we challenge the convention of real estate developers catering exclusively to the wealthy elite.

Instead, the PeerRealty platform allows for a new market of investors (“Peers”) to invest alongside elite individuals and institutions. This provides eligible investors with access to some of the world’s greatest wealth-creating investment opportunities.

Our online platform saves investors money as well as time

Our initial focus on the Midwestern marketplace helped introduce real estate crowdfunding opportunities to what was then a largely untapped market. Distinguished by these practices, PeerRealty is committed to bringing the highest quality real estate crowdfunding opportunities to your community and beyond!