Real Estate Investing 101 Webinar Series

Learn about real estate investing in PeerRealty's free on-demand webinar series. PeerRealty Head of Investments Jeff Rothbart, who has participated in over $3 billion in real estate transactions over the course of his career, will take viewers through some of the most important principles to keep in mind when evaluating a deal. Watch each episode of the series below.

RE 101 Episode 1 index page
Real Estate Investing 101: Financial Analysis
Episode 1 discusses the financial analysis of real estate transactions. This episode covers the key metrics of any real estate deal, including net operating income (NOI), cap rates, internal rate of return, senior financing and other common valuation methods. More importantly, you'll also learn how to use these metrics effectively and in their proper context. Watch now

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Real Estate Investing 101: Private Equity
The growth of real estate crowdfunding has allowed retail investors to access private equity real estate funds with much lower entry costs. How are these types of deals structured, and what are the differences between private equity real estate and traditional real estate deals? Find out in episode 2 of our on-demand webinar series. This episode will explain how larger institutional deals are structured. It covers concepts like private placement memorandums, preferred returns, and the "promote." Watch now

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Real Estate Investing 101: Leasing

Commercial leases are typically much more complex than residential leases, and it can sometimes be difficult to understand how each and every provision in a lease affects your investment. We aim to demystify this process in episode 3 of our on-demand webinar series. This episode takes you through the entire leasing process from beginning to lease expiration. It explains the different types of commercial leases and discusses the lease provisions that real estate investors should be most aware of. Watch now